Facebook has not found bias in the selection of news

Facebook не нашел пристрастности в отборе новостей

As they say in Facebook, a violation of the internal rules of the moderators may be cause for dismissal

The social network promises to improve the process of formation of the rubric.

An internal investigation found no evidence of biased approach when selecting news feed Facebook users, said the leadership of the social network.

The company however promised to improve the process of forming categories, and strengthen the control over the team responsible for its content. In addition, the company announced that they will not rely on third-party sites to determine the importance of certain topics.

The division of the Corporation, which came in for criticism, called Trending Topics and monitors the discussion, which are popular in the social network, and shows the user the top of the most discussed news.

Two weeks ago, Gizmodo reported that the staff of this division routinely concealed news stories about meetings of conservative activists in the United States, as well as on the activities of prominent members of the Republican party MITT Romney and Rand Paul, even though these posts and enjoyed great popularity.

According to the investigation of Gizmodo, the voice of conservative Republicans were heard in the social network, only if the topics raised by publications on specialized news sites such as Breitbart, Washington Examiner, Newsmax – was picked up by major world media.

Former employees also say that even the generation algorithm of the news feed, which Facebook content is presented as an outstanding achievement, not neutral, since the editors interfering in his work.

While Gizmodo no evidence that such actions employees of the Department of the trending, if they took place in fact, authorized the company’s management.

According to the internal investigation into Facebook, the proportion of “liberal” and “conservative” news, we offer the Trending Topics are about the same.

Source: Russian service Bi-bi-si