Facebook has tightened the fight against fakes

Facebook ужесточил борьбу с фейками

Facebook banned advertising pages, which have repeatedly been implicated in the spread of false information.

Facebook has banned pages which have repeatedly spread false messages, promote their accounts in social networks. Relevant information was published on Monday, August 28, in company blog.

Previously, Facebook has banned the advertising of posts, which, according to independent experts, contain unreliable data. Thus the social network is fighting the spread of fakes.

Note, Facebook in the beginning of 2017, announced the start of a campaign to fight misinformation against the background of public criticism. In the end, the leadership of the social network decided to work more closely with news editors and to take action to combat fakes.

Earlier it was reported that the security Service of the social network Facebook closes daily 1 million accounts, most of which are created by spammers, scammers and people who hate.