Facebook presented its first gadget

Facebook презентовала свой первый гаджет

The first gadgets from Facebook – Portal and Portal+

The social network introduced its first gadget, which you can use to make video calls.

American social network Facebook has introduced its first gadget, which you can use to make video calls. Thus, the company is coming out with a line of the display, reports on Monday, October 8, the press service of the manufacturer.

In particular, the gadget is available in two versions. The first, called Portal, has a 10-inch screen with a resolution of 1280×800 pixels. The second Portal+ – to 15-inch screen, whose resolution of 1920×1080 pixels.

It is reported that the gadget with the help of smart camera allows interlocutors to communicate without being tied to a particular place. The camera automatically follows the movements and keeps the focus of the interlocutor. The technology of “smart” audio minimizes background noise and automatically enhances the sound quality, no matter at what distance the source is from the display.

The device also allows you to chat with your contacts with Facebook Messenger, even if they have the same gadget. In this case, they will be able to communicate with phones or tablets that are running Messenger. Gadgets support and group calls of up to seven people at a time.

Today we’re excited to introduce @PortalFacebook to everyone. Come say hi and check out https://t.co/jQuzzc97CK to learn more. pic.twitter.com/PzlTQDi6NI

— Facebook (@facebook) 8 Zhovtnya 2018 R.

The company stressed that Facebook is not listening, not reviewed and does not store the content of the video calls made with gadgets Portal. All video calls are encrypted, assured by the manufacturer.

It is expected that the gadgets from Facebook will be available for sale in the U.S. in November at a price of $199 for the Portal and $349 for Portal+. While displays are available for pre-order in the US facebook.com and also on Amazon and Best Buy.

Earlier, Facebook announced that hackers have found a vulnerability in the code of the social network and gained access to 50 million accounts. It was about the ability to access accounts via the function to Look like. Facebook now faces more than $ 1.6 billion fine for hacking accounts.

Also, the American social network was accused of illegally collecting data on children using a mobile Messenger app Kids.

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