Facebook will show the users did they is from Russia

Facebook покажет пользователям, следили ли они за рекламой из РФ

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Until the end of the year, the company will create a special portal page to help users of the social network.

In Facebook announced on 22 November on the intention to the end of the year to create a special portal where users of the social network will be able to see, did they for the Russian advertising, which could influence the us elections.

In the company message it is noted that soon will be created a portal where users will be able to know for which accounts of the Agency for the study of the Internet in Facebook or Instagram they may follow in the period between January 2015 and August 2017. He will appear before the end of the year on the page help users of the social network.

We will remind, earlier accused the Agency to study the Internet from St. Petersburg to the spread of misinformation, aimed at splitting the American society before the presidential elections.

Facebook will verify the customers of political advertising

Earlier Facebook stated that during the presidential election campaign in the United States, Russian boats were buying advertising on the social network to influence the outcome of elections.

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