Faction servant of the people meets with Zelensky

Фракция Слуга народа проводит встречу с Зеленским

The Servant of the people, called the theme of the meeting of the faction with the participation Zelensky

The meeting was also attended by the Prime Minister, Minister of Finance and the attorney General. At the time of the meeting, MPs were asked to hand over their phones.

Representatives of the faction of the servant of the people hold a meeting with President Vladimir Zelensky and Prime Minister Alexei Goncharuk, reports Ukrainian Pravda.

The meeting of the faction began at 18 PM.

The meeting was also attended by the Minister of Finance Oksana Markarova and the public Prosecutor Ruslan riaboshapka. In the same way as at the previous meeting of August 28, deputies were asked to surrender their phones.

The session began with a motivational speech Zelensky. The President thanked the deputies for the work and asked to continue working at the same pace.

In addition, Zelensky recommended the MPs to work closely in the line of the President-Prime Minister-Parliament. Then answered the deputies ‘ questions about voting and the bills.

At the same time, the question about the exchange of prisoners, the President refused to answer.

After the President made the Prime Minister. Goncharuk urged MPs to cooperate with the government.

The attorney General Ryaboshapka, even though he was at the meeting almost did not.

In addition, at the meeting of the faction obgovorili question of submission to the Verkhovna Rada the draft state Budget for 2020.

According to the Deputy Mikhail Radutsky, the fraction was attended by all the heads of relevant ministries of the new government.

“At the faction meeting was and Tymofiy mylovanov (Minister of economic development, trade and agriculture), and Aleksei Goncharuk (Prime Minister), and Oksana Markarova (Minister of Finance). If there was only Ruslan riaboshapka (attorney General), that would be something out of the ordinary, and there were all heads. The question was raised that until the 15th we have to draft a budget. The only way. The Cabinet is working on it. They haven’t filed,” said radutsky, RBC-Ukraine online reports.

After the meeting of the faction people’s Deputy Evgeny Bragar said that in the near future, the Servant of the people will work on the 67 bills that have been filed.

“In the near future we will work on the 67 bills that have been filed. And then we will coordinate with other MPs, and gradually work on them. The most important is the bill was 7203 concerning parliamentary immunity, and in the next it will be a deepening of decentralization, and so on,” said Brager.

In addition, people’s Deputy Mykhailo radutsky said that 37 bills scheduled to be considered at the next plenary week.

“We discussed all those bills about which you have heard. This presidential bills. 37 bills that we plan to consider at the next (plenary – ed.) of the week”, – said radutsky.

Note, Parliament has adopted the first draft law on the abolition of parliamentary immunity.

MPs also referred to the constitutional court the question of the abolition of the bar monopoly.


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