Factory Roshen in Kiev will refuse chocolate

Фабрика Roshen в Киеве откажется от шоколада

At the Kiev factory Roshen will only produce the cakes

Power of the capital factory will take in Vinnytsia, leaving the production of cakes.

Confectionery Corporation Roshen to the end of the year will stop production of chocolate candies Kiev confectionery factory. On this edition of Delo said the technical Director of the Corporation Dmitry Roshchupkin.

“Until the end of 2016 we intend to transfer the remaining two production lines with new Kiev for Vinnitsa confectionery factory. We considered the possibility of a complete cessation of production at the Kiev factory, but abandoned it,” he said.

At the same Roshchupkin noted that the products of the Kiev confectionery factory is highly valued by consumers. “Also, is it possible to imagine that the “Kyiv cake” will be made not in Kiev?”, – he noted.

Note that in 2015 Kiev confectionery factory Roshen reduced net profit more than tripled in comparison with 2014.

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