Falcao under the guise of a homeless man played in a football tournament

Фалькао под видом бомжа поиграл в футбольном турнире

Brazil legend Falcao took part in a children’s match, without revealing your identity.

Twice world champion and four times best player of Futsal in the world, the Brazilian Falcao took part in an interesting experiment.

With a purpose to in world sport were all in solidarity with all, Falcao was disguised as a bum and came into the match the Junior teams. Long begging the coach to let him on the field, he succeeded, and then started the match.

After a few clumsy attempts to control the ball, the legendary football player began to demonstrate their skill guys. After the match he took off his wig and part of the make-up, told why it was started and took pictures with everyone.

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