Falcon 9 orbited a ship with cargo to the ISS

Falcon 9 вывела на орбиту корабль с грузом для МКС

The launch vehicle Falcon 9

To the International space station kicked off the sixteenth mission of the cargo ship Dragon under the NASA contract with SpaceX.

Booster Falcon 9 company SpaceX on Wednesday, December 5, started with a cargo spacecraft Dragon went to the International space station (ISS). Broadcast of the launch were SpaceX and NASA.

The launch took place at Cape Canaveral in Florida and started at 20.16 local time.

Later it became known that the ship was successfully launched into orbit.

3-2-1… LIFTOFF! @SpaceX”s cargo spacecraft leaves Earth for the @Space_Station, packed with more than 5,600 pounds of research, crew supplies and hardware. Watch: https://t.co/N28BsWMMfC pic.twitter.com/a4wPdyQize

— NASA (@NASA) December 5, 2018.

Truck Dragon should dock with the ISS on 8 December. He will deliver to the station 2.5 tons of cargo, including food, equipment and materials to carry out dozens of scientific experiments.

The return of the truck to the Ground with the exhaust materials from orbit to be held in January.

Note, the first stage of the Falcon 9 fell into the Atlantic ocean trying to get back to the launch site in Florida. SpaceX reported that it fell into the water, but “the good news is that we got a lot of data that will allow us to understand what happened and improve its reliability”.

The owner of SpaceX Elon Musk on this occasion, wrote on Twitter that a bad landing caused by a problem with a hydraulic pump.

According to him, the first stage fell into the water near the coast and was not injured.

Elon Musk intends to run the bow of the Falcon 9

Earlier it was reported that the Falcon 9 rocket with twice used the first stage, launched into orbit from 64 satellite.

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