Famous swimmer thought about suicide after the scandal for the 2016 Olympics

Известный пловец думал о самоубийстве после скандала на ОИ-2016

Ryan Lochte

Ryan lochte with friends made up a story about the robbery during the Olympic games.

Six-time Olympic champion in swimming American Ryan lochte admitted that he contemplated suicide after the scandal with his participation at the Games in 2016 in Rio de Janeiro.

“After Rio I was probably the most hated man in the world. There were several moments when I was crying, thinking: “If I go to sleep and never Wake up, will be good,” said lochte, whose words are quoted by ESPN.

To the question, does this mean that lochte thought about suicide, 32-year-old swimmer answered in the affirmative: “I was close to suicide”.

Lochte during the Olympic games in Rio said that he and three other American swimmers was robbed under gunpoint in a taxi while returning to the Olympic village from a party that took place at the end of the last swimming events at the Games. Later, the swimmers told the police that the story of the robbery was made up. In the result, lochte was suspended from competition for 10 months and the other participants in the incident for 4 months.

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