Fans disrupted the transition Zozulya in the Swedish club

Фанаты сорвали переход Зозули в шведский клуб

Roman Zozulya

Agent Zozulya told us about the options for employment of Ukrainian national team player.

Ukrainian real Betis striker Roman Zozulya still hopes to find himself a club before the end of this season, but at the moment, according to football agent Vladimir Kuzmenko, the transition policy prevents.

“Employment options were different, but unfortunately it came out not football, but politics. Because of the trumped-up charges, many clubs refused his services.

Were two of a specific variant in Sweden. One club has already offered the conditions that suit us, the case went to the signing, but the fans there were left-wing. They threatened some shares in the club, and went to failure.

At another club, despite the fact that their fans are the opposite right, too, I decided just in case to warn. Failures are like a chain reaction. Because of the false accusations made by people cease to see the Cuckoo as a professional footballer,” said Kuzmenko in an interview with Sports Today.

We will remind, earlier reported that in the last day of the transfer window Roman Zozulya moved to Rayo Vallecano on loan. However, fans Madridskogo club disrupted the transition Ukrainians, accusing him of Nazism.

Representatives of the District, in turn, appealed to the Cuckoo with a proposal to pursue a career in Vallecano, guaranteeing him full security on and off the field, but the novel rejected it.

According to FIFA rules he cannot play for any team until the summer, but FIFA later went to meet the player and allowed him to go into fourth club during the season.

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