Fans of red Star were on hand and were stripped of players after the Champions League

Фанаты Црвены Звезды носили на руках и раздевали футболистов после выхода в ЛЧ

Crvena Zvezda came to the Champions League

The fans left the players in shorts.

Serbian Crvena Zvezda reached the group stage of the Champions League for the first time since season 1990/91 when he won the tournament.

In the second leg of the round of the playoffs, the team from Belgrade has played a draw with Salzburg at the exit, and the sum of the two matches advanced to the next stage.

After the match, happy fans ran onto the field and started to celebrate the victory together with the players. The fans carried players on his hands and took off their shirts without even asking.

— Drafts_2.0 (@drafts_2) 29 Aug 2018

Some players had a good argument with the fans to leave Mike to himself.

Crvena Zvezda’s Ben didn’t want to part with his jersey but this one fan wasn’t taking no for an answer.#UCL #SALZVE

— Sacha Pisani (@Sachk0) 29 Aug 2018

Earlier it was reported, all participants of the group round of the Champions League.

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