Fans of the Carpathians on the way to Lviv, stopped by a party bus

Фанаты Карпат по дороге во Львов остановили клубный автобус

To pacify the fans had to call in special forces.

Fans of the Lviv Carpathians stopped the club bus with the players on the way to Lviv after the departure of the Cup of Ukraine from Ivano-Frankivsk Precarpathian region.

About the incident on his page in social networks has told the Deputy of the Lviv city Council, Igor Zinkevich.

“At 01:00 in pustomytivsky Sokolniki district stopped the team bus Carpathians. At the stop of the bus there was a conflict because of a match held in Ivano-Frankivsk.

Фанаты Карпат по дороге во Львов остановили клубный автобус

People who noticed this conflict from the gas station, called the police. Conflict on the road near Sokolniki did not stop for a certain time and the patrol police decided to call for help to the scene of the bus stop, to avoid a fight.

The call came to the riot police in Lviv region. People who blocked the road to the bus and started the conflict were detained. The bus with the players, accompanied by the police, was sent to the base of the Carpathians,” wrote Zinkevich.

We will remind, the match of the Carpathians in the Ukrainian Cup was suspended due to the conduct of their fans, and the showdown after match has led to the fact that one of the fans hit by Artem Fedetskiy.

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