Fans of the Dnieper beat the people’s Deputy Yuriy Birch

Фанаты Днепра избили нардепа Юрия Березу

Birch received a serious cut

The incident occurred during a Derby between the Dnieper and SC “Dnepr-1”.

Fans of football club “Dnepr” beat the President of the club “Dnepr-1”, MP from the popular front Yuri Birch. As reported the incident happened at the stadium “Dnepr-arena” during the match of the 16th round of the second League.

During the fight the fans “Dnepr-1” took away the banners and the drum.

Also, the fans of the Dnieper river, hung a banner: “We will break you Birch and destroy your “Dock” (the unofficial site of the fans of the Dnieper club – ed.).

It was recently reported that Yuriy Bereza beat the arsonist of his house.