Fans of the German national team, insulting their players, they came to the police

Фанаты сборной Германии, оскорблявшие своих игроков, сами явились в полицию

Fans of the German national team did not wait until the police will find them.

During the friendly match Germany – Serbia in Wolfsburg fans of the hosts shouted Nazi slogans against their own players.

The two men insulted Leroy Sané and Ilka Gundogan along ethnic lines.

The names of offenders immediately became famous, their faces caught on video, and the German football Association promptly provide the names of the holders of the tickets. The police received all the necessary information for detention, but failed to do so.

According to Deutsche Welle, bullies, without waiting for the arrest, they came to the police.

Friendly match Germany – Serbia ended with the score 1:1.

It is noteworthy that in this fight for the first time in the history of football was used by the unisex toilets.

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