Farmers turned to Poroshenko, due to the blocking of the harvest

Аграрии обратились к Порошенко из-за блокирования сбора урожая

Agro Rostok-holding announced the raids by the security forces

The company assess the possible losses due to uncollected harvest in more than a billion hryvnia.

Agro-Rostock holding appealed to President Petro Poroshenko for the actions of law enforcement officers with evidence of raiding that second week of block work of enterprises and the harvest. This is stated in circulation on the website of the company.

In Rostok-Holding noted that part of the crop already sold to European and American companies. However, to collect the agriculture enterprise can not.

The company assess the possible losses due to uncollected harvest in more than a billion hryvnia.

“This will lead to the loss of agricultural crops, negative environmental effects, and the state will not receive 100 million in taxes. Hurt workers together with their families approximately ten thousand residents of Sumy and Chernihiv regions, where the agricultural holding is the main source of existence”, – stated in the message.

It is reported that on 8 October the law enforcement agencies stopped the work of the agricultural holding through the decision of the district court of the Kharkiv region, which as a measure of restraint applied for the seizure of assets and prohibition to harvest and to sell grain. The company believes that one of the largest agricultural companies in the country are trying to capture the raider way.

The company’s lawyers claim that the regulations on the activities made on the same day, without calling the representatives of the enterprises, with deprivation of the right to defense and violation of the principles of reasonableness, feasibility, and timing of events.

“Criminal proceedings legalizes the actual attempt of raider seizure of enterprises of the holding. With sanctions on all investigations gives the Kharkiv district court of Kharkiv region, located in the village of Pokotylivka. And this despite the fact that none of the company holding not only is there, and has nothing to do with location and nothing”, – explained the situation, the managing partner of the law firm Ilyashev and Partners Mikhail Ilyashev.

The appeal notes that the illegal and unreasonable actions of law enforcement bodies lead to the violation of the terms of supply, creation of negative image of Ukrainian farmers and undermining their credibility in the international market, which can not affect the further cooperation with foreign businesses and other local agricultural enterprises.

Rostok-holding – a vertically integrated agro industrial group specializing in the cultivation and realization of grain crops and the production and sale of milk. Under control of a group of about 60 thousand hectares. the group also includes 5 farms, 3 of the Elevator complex and a number of trading companies. The group is among the top 10 most effective agricultural enterprises of Ukraine according to the magazine Landlord. In the ranking of the TOP 100 latifundists of Ukraine occupies the twenty-fifth place.


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