“Fascinating” Northern lights shot from the ISS

"Завораживающее" северное сияние сняли с МКС

Northern lights captured from the ISS

Polar lights shot through the window of the International space station. The author himself called it “fascinating”.

German astronaut Alexander Gerst posted on his Twitter cranite pictures of the Northern lights. They were done through the window of the International space station.

“Mesmerizing every time. Interestingly, I thought the early explorers when they first saw the Aurora, even imagining what it is” – he said in comments to the photos.

Mind-blowing, every single time. I wonder what early explorers thought when they first saw an aurora without ever having heard about it… #ExploreFarther #Horizons pic.twitter.com/A9i8jfF6nZ

— Alexander Gerst (@Astro_Alex) August 10, 2018

It is known that the Aurora is usually observed in the polar regions of the Earth. It occurs as a result of collision in the upper atmosphere by charged particles of the solar wind.

Earlier it was reported that astronaut showed in the video, dawn. The video was filmed from the International space station.

Colourful picture of the moon from the ISS

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