Father Gandzyuk said about the spying and intimidation

Отец Гандзюк заявил о слежке и запугивании

Victor Gandzyuk declares about attempts of pressure on him

His father was killed Kherson activists Catherine Gandzyuk declares surveillance of them, as well as attempts of intimidation.

Victor Gandzyuk is the father of the murdered Kherson activists Catherine Gandzyuk claims about attempts to intimidate him by unknown persons. He said this in an interview to Ukrainian truth.

According to him, being followed by unknown people on the car.

“I practically every day went to the cemetery to Kate, and it happened that it was at the end of the day – after 16-17 hours, when there is none. I noticed that almost every day I have someone accompany. That is, there is a car with dark glass, from which nobody comes out. When I sit down and leave the car abruptly and starts coming after me, but not ahead of when going slowly, and not far behind, when accelerated,” – said Gandzyuk reporters.

In addition, the father of the murdered activists are calling from unknown numbers, and silent in a tube. Once these people tried to go out with a man on contact.

“Offered to meet. Said, supposedly they have some data about customers. The meeting was supposed to be only one-on-one,” he said.

According to the father Gandzyuk, it started after Vladislav Munger, who is suspected of ordering the murder of the activist, was released from jail on bail. Father of Catherine convinced the monitoring is conducted with the purpose of intimidation.

“I don’t think that in order to follow me. Because it would have done more delicately. And this happens very blatantly and openly. Obviously, in order to intimidate”, – says Victor Gandzyuk.

We will remind, on July 31, 2018, in Kherson, unknown doused with concentrated sulfuric acid Catherine Gandzyuk.

Was arrested five suspects in the assassination, including the man, recorded on video from surveillance cameras as a buyer of sulfuric acid.

Fourth Nov Gandzyuk died. Then the investigators changed the qualification of the attack on her is over the crime – premeditated murder committed by a group of persons from mercenary promptings, with special cruelty, by order.

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