Father raped daughter with a disability in the eyes of her brother

Отец насиловал дочку-инвалида на глазах ее брата

The police stressed the need to create a registry of sexual offenders

The man 1978 year of birth is detained, the police seized the relevant evidence.

The law enforcement received the message that the father raped his 15-year-old daughter, who from childhood suffering from cerebral palsy. It also happened in front of her brother. This was announced by Deputy Chairman of the National police of Ukraine Vyacheslav Abroskin on his page in Facebook, but where it happened the case is not indicated.

“Night of August 4 to the operator 102 called the young man and said that the father raped his 15 years old sister who is disabled since childhood with cerebral palsy,” – said the head of the national police.

According to him, “bastard father” was born in 1978: militiamen have detained him and seized the relevant evidence.

“What happens next? The court will do this or the other bastard, will be released, a new family and again raped the child’s life… Because in five or ten years, he never will be known as the rapist of children”, – said Abroskin.

In addition, he once again stressed on the need to create a registry of sex offenders and tougher penalties for sexual offences against children.

Earlier in Nikolaev died the suspect in the rape of minors.


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