Favorite trainer Ronaldo: max courage

Любимый тренажер Роналду: максимум мужества

The striker of real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo once again attracted the attention of an ambiguous act.

It seems that Cristiano Ronaldo himself likes to create hype around his name. Haven’t had time to calm down the recent scandal regarding the orientation of the player, as he posted in his Instagram not quite courageous video. It Portuguese working on the simulator for the development of the muscles of the thigh.

The essence of the exercise is to pinch out and pinch in the legs. The action is made with elastic, which restricts the movement of the student. This post Kryry signed as follows:

“I love this exercise”.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that Christiano had a photo shoot lying in the meadow among the flowers.

I love this exercise ????

Video posted by Cristiano Ronaldo (@cristiano) on Nov 24 2016 11:02 PST

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