FBI to Poroshenko. Competition in the new authority of Ukraine

ФБР для Порошенко. Конкурс в новый орган Украины

The state Bureau of investigation are actively searching for the leader.

In Ukraine, the finish line is creating a new law enforcement body – the State Bureau of investigation.

But, as is often the case, and without scandals and problems no cost.

Activists and people’s representatives said that the head of the new structure of select fair.

The situation is also relevant the fact that the state Bureau of investigation will be very serious powers, essentially representing a Ukrainian analogue of the famous FBI.

Correspondent.net understand the situation with the state Bureau of investigation.


The state Bureau of investigation (GBR) will take the prosecutors all investigative functions.

The powers of the RRT is to investigate crimes committed by police officers, judges and senior officials (from Ministerial to heads of Central boards), except where the investigation relates to the competence of the National anti-corruption Bureau.

The Bureau is also empowered to investigate the crimes of the employees of the NABU, the anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office and war crimes.

Besides the Central office RRT will be created 7 territorial divisions: in Lviv, Khmelnytsky, Nikolaev, Melitopol, Poltava, Kiev and Kramatorsk.

The state Bureau of investigation will consist of a maximum of 1,5 thousand workers. At least half of the investigators of the RRG shall be persons who in the past year, he held the posts of investigators in other state authorities.

The competition

Director, the RRT will designate the President on the recommendation of the Prime Minister after selection by the competition Commission. Deputy and first Deputy will be appointed by the Director upon the recommendation of the Commission. The powers of leadership of the Bureau last 5 years. The same person may not serve more than two terms.

In the first stage the competitive Commission should choose RRT Director and his two deputies. Requirements for all candidates are the same: age not less than 35 years, has higher legal education, experience in the specialty for more than 10 years, knowledge of the state language, may not be a member of any political party or banned organization, have high moral qualities and impeccable reputation.

The relevant Commission started work on 1 March. It consists of 9 members who are appointed proportionally by the President, the Cabinet and the Verkhovna Rada.


When the Commission has already determined the semi-finalists for the head of the state Bureau, the activists began to “sound the alarm”

MP Mustafa Nayem said that two of the nine members of the competition Commission, which is expected to elect the head of the State Bureau of investigation and his deputies, is still not provided information about his education.

And the members of this Committee may be only people with higher legal education.

“According to the information of the public, two members of the Competition Commission is still not confirmed that they have any higher education. Besides the fact that this kind of savagery – competition open, and that information clearly can not be a secret, moreover, it jeopardizes the results of the Commission. Since the question is the legitimacy of the decisions taken by the Commission,” wrote the MP.

Nayem has already announced more radical measures in relation to the competition Commission, but did not specify which ones.


Nye says that in comicsmy there is no single member who would represent the public or civil society.

“As a result, the Commission became a venue of political arrangements within which the RRT should depart, under the supervision of the President’s team”, – said the MP.

At this point in the next stage of the competition were 19 of 50 candidates in the heads of the state Bureau.

The MP indicates that three favorites of the competition are people close to President Petro Poroshenko: Alexey Horoshenkov – assistant to the President of Ukraine, Olga Varchenko , the head of the Department for procedural guidance, support of public prosecution and representation of the Department for investigation of particularly important cases in the sphere of economy of the GPU, the so-called Department of “Kononenko-Granovsky” and Anatoly Matios , chief military Prosecutor.

Gorshenkov in government structures since 2002. After the revolution of dignity has passed to work in presidential Administration where it is considered an analyst, responsible for strategic planning and operational support. Horoshenkov was a member of the Commission for the selection of employees of NACP under the presidential quota.

Varchenko – in Prosecutor’s office since 2002, all time worked in Kiev, now works in the Department of the GPU, which is associated with the immediate environment of Petro Poroshenko. During Euromaidan Varchenko was the Deputy chief of investigative management of Prosecutor’s office of Kyiv. The lustration test it does not pass, since this position is under the law about the cleansing power is not covered.

ФБР для Порошенко. Конкурс в новый орган Украины

Olga Varchenko

The chief military Prosecutor Matios, the most popular candidate in the leaders of the GBR. He has already said that it will take the post if the BPP and people’s front will agree. During the competition for the selection of the management of the RRG, he remembered the escape from reporters after question about his Declaration.

To wait a long time

In power do not see the problems with competition at the head of the GBR and expected early start of the body.

“If we create the RRG in January, it will earn next November. Then we will be able to the end of the year to get a workable structure that will take GPU the result. And finally the Soviet model, the investigator and Prosecutor conspire in the same office, will be destroyed,” – said recently Yury Lutsenko.