Featuring the musical drive of the Renault Captur and audio system Focal

Почувствуйте музыкальный драйв с Renault Captur и аудио системой Focal

In August, the official dealer centers Renault will launch a unique offer on the bright Renault Captur crossover is an attractive price and high-tech audio system Focal!

Renault Captur is a new trend of a city car. This model combines the features of the SUV bright, functional minivan, and compact and dynamic hatchback.

In August, the acquisition of the Renault Captur will become even more profitable, because its price starts from UAH 489 210, and with it the happy owner of bright crossover will get a new drive, which will provide audio system Focal.

French audio system Focal is a set of 8 high performance speakers with an active subwoofer that provides extended frequency range and increases the total power speaker system.

Почувствуйте музыкальный драйв с Renault Captur и аудио системой Focal



The main advantages of the audio system Focal:
• premium precision sound;
• optimized audio and power regulation;
• remote control adjust bass;
• total sound power 380 W;
• full installation kit (connectors, cables, etc.).

Thus speakers and speakers with high fidelity and marked “made in France” will accompany you at each point of the journey. Renault Captur audio system Focal will plunge into a new world of pleasure and emotions!

The Renault Captur crossover is attracted not only to its personalized appearance and practicality. On the road it features a 2-color body design, chrome-plated or color fringing (grille, fog lights, side protectors, the threshold of the trunk), signature headlight design Renault. And the compact shape, high ground clearance and large wheels makes it easy to get around.

Comfort in the cabin of the Renault Captur driver and passengers will ensure a bright interior, original colors and an ergonomic instrument panel, and now the premium sound for your favorite wave audio system Focal.

The Renault Captur. Seize the moment!

• virtual showroom – is a video presentation, which you can learn about the interior, exterior and personalize Renault Captur.

• information materials on the official site of Renault in Ukraine.

In 2016, the RENAULT brand took 1st place in the automotive market of Ukraine with a share of 10.9%.
For two consecutive years Renault company in Ukraine takes leading positions thanks to the new generation of Renault cars, a wide range, competitive prices, own lending program Renault Finance and qualified dealer network.