Federer fined for obscene expression on match of the Australian Open

Федерера оштрафовали за нецензурное выражение на матче Australian Open

Swiss tennis player Roger Federer will pay 3 thousand dollars.

In the quarterfinals of the Open championship on tennis Swiss Roger Federer met with the Tennis Sangrea from the United States.

During the match Federer said obscene expression, which heard the linesman and handed to the referee.

For this, the Swiss punished by a fine of 3 thousand dollars.

Federer tried to justify himself, but the punishment took.

“I’m not into the whole stadium is cursed. But, well, no problem, I take a lot of punishment.

What language were fighting. In a mixture of languages. Apparently, line is also the referee says to them. Next time I will be careful” – quoted Federer Express.

20-time winner of Grand slam tournaments won over Sangrea and reached the semifinals of the tournament, where he will meet Rafael Nadal.

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