Federer: I Hope Zverev can become the first racket of the world

Федерер: Надеюсь Зверев сможет стать первой ракеткой мира

Roger Federer

Roger Federer expressed their support for the German Alexander Zverev.

Swiss Roger Federer wished the German tennis player Alexander Zverev to win one first place world ranking.

“I hope the beast would one day become the best. The fact that he has great technique and skills is obvious. Every day he must learn in order to become stronger, then you will be able to progress. Maybe he will be able to maintain strength and shape to 40 years.

Become the first racket of the world is always difficult. This is a huge challenge and test not only of skills, but also the mental abilities of the player. If you look at the list of the first racket of the world, they were not so much.

I hope that he will be able to become one of them. He has enormous talent”, – quotes the words of Federer Daily Express.

Earlier, Federer vyskazalsya for young players.

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