Fedetskiy: I thought that wasn’t a penalty, but “take”

Федецкий: Мне показалось, что пенальти не было, но "то такэ"

Artem Fedetskiy (centre) told about the secret motivation of the Dnieper

Defender of the Dnieper Artem Fedetskiy commented on the team’s victory in the match against Zorya.

“Enough or not enough for a minimal victory over Dawn know in Zaporozhye, after the second match. Of course, the chances were good, we had to score the second goal, and then it would be much easier.

Although, believe me, if we scored the second goal, it could also turn into a problem, because it could relax. So this one goal, though a small win, but it is not necessary to pay special attention. If we want to reach the final, we’ll have to score on the road.


We, of course, was expecting trouble from the opponent. Dismantled their play, strengths and weaknesses. Try not to miss though was the episode with penalty shot, I thought there was nothing there, but the referee saw a penalty. But, “take“, it was the decision of the arbitrator. So whatever it was, but we did the job to score and not to concede. Although we could have scored more, but that’s football.

Most importantly, we have a team. It in the first place. We’re not women, but men and agreed that we will go out on the pitch and give our best. And when you’re wearing white-blue t-shirt with the emblem of the Dnieper, then you have to play, or better then her not to wear it. You saw that everyone who goes on the football field gives his all and wants to bring maximum benefit to the team. So the main thing here is that we have a team“, – said Fedetskyy.

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