Ukrop News 24 Breaking News Ukraine on political and economic developments, the geopolitical processes, crime statistics 2019-06-12T08:02:39Z WordPress newsmaker <![CDATA[The restaurant Kovel poisoned 13 people]]> 2019-06-12T08:02:39Z 2019-06-12T08:02:39Z В ресторане Ковеля отравились 13 человек

In Kovel there was a mass poisoning

In Volhynia from acute intestinal infection injured 13 people, including two children. The condition of patients of average weight.

A mass poisoning occurred in Kovel, Volyn region after a family celebration in one of the establishments. As of Tuesday, June 11, for medical assistance to 13 people, including two children, reports the Volyn laboratory center of the Ministry of health of Ukraine.

It is noted that all the victims had observed the symptoms of food poisoning. According to the results of the medical examination of patients with the diagnosis of Acute gastroenterocolitis. The condition of patients of average weight.

During the epidemiological investigation for conducting bacteriological, Virology, physical and chemical laboratory studies of selected samples of food, drinking water, swabs from equipment, utensils, implements, cooked food power, surveyed staff, and contact person. Laboratory studies of biological material from patients and decreed persons, and environmental sampling are ongoing.

For action and the final determination of the cause and circumstances of a poisoning of people attracted by the state foods and consumer service Kovel. Expected results of the state supervision of observance of the sanitary legislation and legislation in the field of food safety.

Epidemiological investigation is ongoing.

We will remind, in Lviv, 45 people were poisoned at the wedding Banquet in the restaurant Ruta. Among victims - five children. Almost all the poisoned were hospitalized. Later it became known that the restaurant was closed for two weeks.


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newsmaker <![CDATA[The escalation in the Donbas, injuring three soldiers]]> 2019-06-12T08:02:29Z 2019-06-12T08:02:29Z Эскалация на Донбассе: ранены трое военных

On Donbass three wounded during the day

During the day the enemy 24 times violated the ceasefire. According to intelligence reports, two of the separatists killed and seven wounded.

Over the past day in the shelling by militants of three Ukrainian military were wounded. Total for the day was recorded 24 fire. On Wednesday, June 12th, the press center of the operation of the joint forces.

It is noted that seven times shot from the Minsk agreements prohibited 122 mm artillery, mortars of caliber of 120 and 82 mm.

“The enemy also fired on our defenders from APCS, grenade launchers of various systems, heavy machine guns and small arms”, - said the press center.

In particular, the enemy 17 times fired at the Ukrainian positions in the area of responsibility of tactical group East near settlements Water, Lebedinskoye, Sand, Palopoli, Avdeevka, Hnutove, Maryinka, Shyrokyne.

In the area of responsibility of tactical group North positions of our defenders were fired seven times at the settlements Popasnaya, Crimean, the Village Lugansk, Gladsome, gold, novoluhans’ke Pivdenne.

“As a result of enemy shelling three Ukrainian defender was injured. For each firing, the enemy got an adequate response from service, which does not contradict to the Minsk agreements. According to intelligence reports, June 11 two opponents killed and seven injured,” - said the headquarters.

From the beginning of the day on Wednesday, June 12, the enemy fired at positions of the combined forces of four times the Water, Starohnativka, Novgorod, Zaytsevy. Ukrainian military claim that adhere to the conditions of the ceasefire.

We will remind, during the previous day in the Donbass were recorded 17 attacks.



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OOS in the Donbass

Day to CEO: five attacks, two wounded

The escalation in the Donbas: 17 attacks per day

Under AP scuffle with police

In the Donbass per day, five attacks, APU lossless

In Kiev picketed the building up

newsmaker <![CDATA[The AP proposed a new way of purchasing gas in Russia]]> 2019-06-12T08:02:15Z 2019-06-12T08:02:15Z В АП предложили новый способ покупки газа в РФ

The President’s representative in the Cabinet of Ministers Andrei Gerus

From Zelensky think that Viktor Medvedchuk and Yuriy Boyko could create a private company that has supplied Russian gas to Ukraine.

The representative of President Vladimir Zelensky in the Cabinet of Ministers Andriy Gerus suggested a new way of purchasing the Russian gas. His idea, he announced on air of TV channel 112 Ukraine.

In particular, Gerus suggested that the leaders of the Opposition platform - For the life of Yuriy Boyko and Viktor Medvedchuk to create a private company that will be able to conclude an agreement with Russia’s Gazprom to supply gas to Ukraine.

“They don’t need neither the power nor the new President or old President, and they have to buy it to bring to Ukraine and to sell. We all applaud and say thank you,” said Gerus.

He also added that during a trip to Russia Boyko and Medvedchuk should have the contract with Moscow.

“If Mr. Boyko and Mr. Medvedchuk agreed on a price of gas, they should immediately these agreements are put on paper, sign the contract,” said Gerus.

Thus he reacted to the visit of Yuriy Boyko and Viktor Medvedchuk June 7 in St. Petersburg, where they met with the Chairman of the Board of Russian state energy company Gazprom Alexei Miller.

Earlier in the presidential Administration stated that they do not need to Medvedchuk for negotiations with Russia.


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newsmaker <![CDATA[In Ukraine announced the highest level of fire danger]]> 2019-06-12T08:02:06Z 2019-06-12T08:02:06Z В Украине объявлен высший уровень пожароопасности

Rescuers warn about the increased risk of numerous fires in natural ecosystems.

In Ukraine in the coming days is expected to the highest level of fire danger. On Wednesday, June 12, the press-service gschs of Ukraine.

“According to forecasts Ukrgidromettsentra, June 12-13, on the Left Bank, Lviv, Odessa, June 13 and in Kirovograd and Cherkasy regions extreme (fifth grade), the rest of the territory of Ukraine will prevail high (the fourth class) fire danger. On June 14-17, throughout the territory of Ukraine will prevail emergency (fifth grade) fire danger,” - said the Agency.

In Kyiv from 13 to 15 June high (the fourth class) fire danger. June 16-17, emergency (fifth grade) fire danger.

In the Kiev region 12-14 June high (the fourth class), in the Northern and Eastern areas of emergency (fifth grade) fire danger. June 15-17 at the region prevail extreme (fifth grade) fire danger.

According to rescuers, due to the high level of fire risk significantly increases the risk of numerous fires in natural ecosystems and in open areas.

We will remind, according to weather forecasts every day of the week will keep the heat in the area of 30-34 degrees.

In early June, the SES also warned of high fire danger.


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newsmaker <![CDATA[The details of the accident with the loggers of Transcarpathia]]> 2019-06-12T08:01:56Z 2019-06-12T08:01:56Z Появились подробности ДТП с лесорубами Закарпатья

The accident occurred due to bad weather, say police

According to preliminary data, the car with the loggers blew into the river by a sudden debris flow.

Timber, as a result of tilting which killed five people, blew into the river debris flow. This was told in regional management of forest and hunting economy Zakarpattya, according to UKRINFORM on Wednesday, June 12.

“According to preliminary information, the tragedy occurred due to sudden debris flow that originated in a forest after heavy rain. He suffered a truck and overturned in the river. Two of the dead were foresters. Now we Refine the information,” - said the Deputy Director SOLAH Basil McDermott.

Photos from the scene of the tragedy published activist Roman Kelemen in Facebook.

“In Tyachiv district, there was a terrible tragedy. Five people were killed. People went to firewood, the car fell from the mountain and fell into the river. 4 men were found dead and one was carried by the river. As you can see from the photos of the machines left frame, and people mixed with wood and dirt”- written by Kelemen.

Attention! It is not recommended to look the people with weak mentality!

Photo: Roman Kelemen/Facebook.

According to police, 11 June at 19:00, the police received the message about the overturning of the car in the woods near the village of tarasivka Tyachiv district.

“The investigative team found at the beginning of the village tarasivka body of 56-year-old, 55-year-old and 38-year-old local residents. In addition, on the outskirts of the village, in a forest in the tract of Prigodsky revealed an overturned car brand ZIL, 200 metres from the car was found the body of 28-year-old local resident, and at a distance of about 2 kilometers from the scene - the body of 36-year-old man”, - told the police.

Previously it is established that the car could topple due to bad weather conditions, namely heavy rains and rise of water level.

Earlier it was reported that in the Transcarpathian region on the highway Rohatyn – Mukachevo turned over the bus. The accident injured five people, one of whom died.


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newsmaker <![CDATA[At the enterprise near Kiev found dozens of illegal immigrants]]> 2019-06-12T08:01:46Z 2019-06-12T08:01:46Z На предприятии под Киевом нашли десятки нелегалов

Foreigners illegally processed forest

Law enforcement officers conducted a check on one timber-processing enterprises in Kiev region and found 24 foreigners.

Near Kiev, the guards found 24 illegal immigrants from Africa and Asia at a timber processing enterprise. On 12 June the press-service of the state border service of Ukraine.

Migration service, together with employees of the border service and operational units of PRCS, Kiev, and police investigators and a special unit of PATROL conducted June 11, search at a timber processing plant in Boryspil district of Kyiv region.

During investigative actions militiamen identified the 24 foreigners from Nigeria, China, Congo and other countries. They arrived to Ukraine under the pretext of training, and in fact illegally processed forest.

“It is established that the foreign citizens arrived to the territory of Ukraine under the pretext of learning in higher education. In fact, the latter were involved in illegal work on the territory of Ukraine”, - is spoken in the message of the guards.
Measures are being taken to deport illegal immigrants and sets involved in the illegal employment of persons.

This is not the first case when in Ukraine use the work arrived in the country of illegal migrants.

So, in Kiev, found the underground gas station at the car wash where you worked 14 illegal immigrants.

In SBU revealed the channel of illegal migration, which was organized by four Ukrainians.

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newsmaker <![CDATA[In Dnipropetrovsk region the head of the OTO was caught on a bribe]]> 2019-06-12T08:01:36Z 2019-06-12T08:01:36Z В Днепропетровской области главу ОТО поймали на взятке

The official was detained after receiving all the required amount

The official demanded 25 thousand dollars for the allocation of the property of a citizen of two plots of land in the village.

Chapter Lyubimovskogo of the United territorial community (GRT) on Tuesday, June 11, detained on a bribe in 25 thousand dollars, which he demanded and received the solution of land issues. Reported by the Military Prosecutor of the southern region.

“It is established that for the allocation in the property of a citizen of two plots of land in the village First of may Lyubimovskogo if it’s the head of the community required him improper benefit in the amount of 25 thousand dollars”, - stated in the message.

In Prosecutor’s office noted that the official was detained after receiving on Tuesday the entire amount of the bribe. Currently the investigation is underway. In the workplace, at home and in the vehicles of the detainee being searched.

Noted, the military Prosecutor’s office is also preparing an appeal to the court with the petition for election to the official measure.



Earlier it was reported that in the Sumy region judge caught on a bribe in the amount of four thousand dollars.

Before doing this on a bribe detained the police officer in Lviv oblast.


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newsmaker <![CDATA[The European Commissioner for human rights plans to visit Crimea]]> 2019-06-12T08:01:26Z 2019-06-12T08:01:26Z Европейский комиссар по правам человека планирует посетить Крым

Dunja Mijatovic

In Crimea have brought the human rights activist’s condition and asked to coordinate the visit with the Russian authorities.

The Council of Europe Commissioner for human rights Dunja Mijatovic plans to visit Russian-annexed Crimea. About it on Tuesday, June 12, reported on his page in Facebook.

However, she noted that finally the visit is not yet confirmed.

“In connection with some statements which are distributed in the media and networks about my visit to the Crimea, I want to emphasize that I do plan to go to Crimea, but so far it has yet to be confirmed,” - said Mijatovic.

According to her, “there are many issues that need to be clarified in order that I may carry out human rights activities on the Peninsula.”

In turn, the first Vice-speaker of the so-called “Crimean Parliament” Yefim Fiks, said to RIA Novosti that will be glad to visit mijatović, however, require objective and impartial, and that her visit to Crimea has been agreed with the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

“If the Commissioner of the Council of Europe will arrive in the Crimea officially, having coordinated his visit with the foreign Ministry, we will only welcome it. Let him come and take a look. But there is one condition - the findings of the visit, the Commissioner must be made objective and impartial, which correspond to the real situation in the Crimea”, - said the detective.

Recall, a Bosnian Dunja Mijatovic became the Council of Europe Commissioner for human rights last spring.

As you know, the European court of human rights considers “Crimea” and the claim of Ukraine against Russia.


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newsmaker <![CDATA[Petrakov: we will Do everything to the Italians in the final, looked at us from the stands]]> 2019-06-12T08:01:18Z 2019-06-12T08:01:18Z The coach of Ukraine U-20 commented on the upcoming world championship in 2019.

On the eve of the semifinal match of the world Cup 2019 teams of U-20 vs Italy national team coach of Ukraine U-20 Alexander Petrakov has shared his expectations from this match.

Youth team of Ukraine U-20 came out in the 1/2 final of the world Cup for the first time in its history. The day before the game coach blue and yellow Alexander Petrakov responded to questions of journalists.

- How do you play in Poland?

It is very comfortable, we’re almost home. We are supported by a large number of fans, and that’s good.

- Your team first made it to the semifinals of the world Cup. How do you feel about that?

- Very quietly. The whole team relates to this restraint and calm.

- Do you feel support directly from Ukraine?

Yes, fans, our families rejoice at our victories, our successes. Very nice to receive messages from ordinary people that they send after the games. We thank them for their support.

- The Italian team plans to rotate the squad in the upcoming match. Do you plan to do that?

- That’s the plan. We have performed the rotation. If you watched the world Cup, we in the third match just carried out this rotation. The Italians changed nine artists we seven. So here we are on an equal footing.

- Have all turned out at the last European championship before the match with Portugal. What conclusions have you made from that fight?

- I’m not one to draw conclusions. We concluded together with the guys. I always solve everything with the team. With his assistants and players. We realized our mistakes and tried to correct them.

- What major changes occurred?

- First of all, we become more disciplined. We play one formation for almost 2.5 years. All the time improve it, fix bugs. But, most importantly, increased discipline and responsibility. Become more professional. This applies to both the game and everyday life.

You for the first time in this championship will play against the European teams, which shows indeed a championship game. Will change the tactics specifically for this team?

- Italy is playing for a championship… So, maybe, did not go to this game? First, we know each other. The Italians in 2018, the year came to Kiev for a friendly game. We played in the championship. We stayed after the semi-finals and saw their final duel with the Portuguese. Frankly, both the players and coaching staff in football envy the Italians. We wanted to be in the final match. So tomorrow we will do our best to the Italians in the final, looked at us from the stands.

Match of the semifinals of the world championship between youth teams of Ukraine and Italy will take place on 11 June in Gdynia. Our website will online stream Ukraine vs Italy, which will start at 18:30.

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newsmaker <![CDATA[Tsurenko beginning of grass season with a win over Kristina Pliskova]]> 2019-06-12T08:01:08Z 2019-06-12T08:01:08Z Цуренко начала травяной сезон с победы над Кристиной Плишковой

Lesya Tsurenko

Tsurenko in the second round of the tournament in singles in ‘ s-Hertogenbosch.

Ukrainian tennis player Lesya Tsurenko started with a victory on grass tournament in the Dutch den Bosch. In the first round of the Ukrainian produced a landslide victory in straight sets over Kristina Pliskova from Czech Republic - 6:4, 6:4.

The match lasted 1 hour and 18 minutes. In the first set Tsurenko scored one break, the opponent didn’t earn a single breakpoint. In the second set, Tsurenko was leading by a break 3-1, Pliskova equalized, followed by three more break. Les took the lead 5-4 and brought the match to win on his serve.

In the next round, Tsurenko will play against Kirsten Flipkens or Aleksandra Krunic.

Strong opening performance by Lesia Tsurenko. She reaches the second round with a 6-4, 6-4 win! #LibemaOpen @WTA

— Open🎾 Libéma (@LibemaOpen) 11 June 2019 R.




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