Feigin: Sentsov was transferred to the far North to isolate

Фейгин: Сенцова этапировали далеко на север, чтобы изолировать

The lawyer said, why did you do it with Sentsov

The lawyer is sure that the Director is not there to escape.

Escorting a convicted illegal in Russia Ukrainian Director Oleg Sentsov to the colony of the city of Labytnangi in Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous region, made for his exclusion. This was stated by Russian lawyer mark Feigin, reports the observer.

“I’ll tell you that he is simply trying to clean away that he was generally isolated. It really is a very isolated place, there will not fly, not drive. In winter, there is the Ob freezes and it only on the sled. I think it put away so that about it have talked less,” – said the lawyer.

Additionally, Feigin has ruled out any possibility of escape. from the colony.

“Actually, from prison in Russia, you cannot escape. A system of camps. There is no freedom of any sort. So – no,” he concluded.

Recall, 25 August 2015 a Russian court sentenced Oleg Sentsov to 20 years in a strict regime colony. He is accused of preparing terrorist attacks in Crimea in may 2014.