Femen activist in the image of trump undressed, near the U.S. Embassy

Активистка Femen в образе Трампа разделась возле посольства США

FEMEN undressed in front of the Embassy of the United States, portraying Donald trump

A spokeswoman for Femen in the likeness of Donald trump was described as a “big button” near the U.S. Embassy in Kiev.

Another “naked” protest staged by the activist of the movement Femen near the Embassy of the USA in Ukraine. On Friday, January 5, she scaled a wall with the words American Embassy in Kiev.

On the body of the activist was the inscription “Mr. Big button”, which means “Mr. big” button. And carrying a suitcase with the words “Nuclear Football” – the “Nuclear football.”

So sextremist responded to the “battle of red buttons” between the President of the United States Donald trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN. The American leader has declared that nuclear button USA much more powerful than North Korea.

On its official the village of Femen draw attention to the fact that it is necessary “to curb the sexual two notorious gigantic Boobs. In their opinion, such behavior “returns the civilization during the cold war, with its cult of the nuclear club and the hegemony of tyrants”.

Near the U.S. Embassy were the same Femen activist that recently stripped the camp Saakashvili

An activist of the Femen stripped off in the Vatican