FEMEN attempted to disrupt Lukashenko’s visit

FEMEN пытались сорвать визит Лукашенко

Girl stripped on the meeting of the presidents

Girl Topless shouted “long live Belarus”.

During the solemn meeting of the President of Ukraine and President of Belarus, the girl was undressed showing his chest, and shouted “long live Belarus”.

It immediately grabbed by the guards and brought from the hall of solemn events of the AP.

As reported in FEMEN, the woman’s name is Angelina Dias.

“The movement FEMEN expressed their attitude to the visit of the Belarusian dictator in Ukraine. Hundreds of Ukrainians have died and continue to die for democracy and freedom of Ukraine, but today, at the official level in our country take the person who is in their country killing, kidnapping people and suppresses all dissent,” said in FEMEN.

Also in the movement remind the incident in Belarus.

“In 2011, FEMEN activists have become victims of the Belarusian KGB. During protests against Lukashenko in Minsk, they were abducted by KGB agents, then tortured, abused and thrown naked and without documents in the forest”, – stated in the message.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that Lukashenko arrived in Kiev on an official visit.

In Femen has denied the information about the decay