Ferrari has made changes in the logo

Феррари внесли изменения в логотип

Ferrari has made changes in the logo

The team of Formula 1 has updated its logo on the official website and all social networks.

Team Formula 1 Ferrari has updated its logo in all social networks and on the official website. This was reported by journalist F1GrandPrix Gianluca D’alessandro in his Twitter.

The new logo is a return to the old, now it shows only the famous “prancing horse” and the letters SF (Scuderia Ferrari).

Previously the logo was part of a full inscription Scuderia Ferrari on a white background.

Interestingly, Ferrari have changed the logo everywhere today 👀🤔

— Gianluca D’alessandro (@Gianludale27) January 1, 2018.

Recall that Red bull new season of Formula 1 will begin with the new logo.

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