Fesenko: I don’t need it now team, as it did before

Фесенко: Я не нужен сейчас сборной так, как это бывало раньше

Kyrylo Fesenko

Center glad that Jeter and gladyrya back on the team.

Center Italian “Avellino” and the national team of Ukraine Kirill Fesenko in an interview with the press service of the FIBA declared that does not consider itself a key player of the national team.

“The staff of the national team is now one of the strongest. I do not consider involved in the NBA and NCAA Lenya and Mikhaylyuk. Finally got back to Jeter. Returned gladyrya, which looks quite convincing. The team plays as I expected.

The next important matches will be in June and July. Hope that can help the team if the coach called. If not I understand. I missed a lot, he’s completely out of the loop. Have in mind that in such a short game there is absolutely no time to prepare. So you have to rely on players who are better know your system and what you expect.

In addition, our center Vyacheslav Kravtsov and Artem Pustovoy now perform brilliantly. I feel that the team is not as in need as I would like. I don’t need it now team, as it happened before,” – said Fesenko.

Earlier it was reported that the national team of Ukraine on basketball topped the qualifying group for the world Cup 2019.

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