Fewer Ukrainians go on vacation to the Crimea the border guards

Все меньше украинцев едут на отдых в Крым - пограничники

In Crimea goes less tourists from mainland Ukraine

Residents of mainland Ukraine rarely go in the annexed Crimea. This trend can be seen throughout the year.

In August 2019 the administrative border with the temporarily occupied Crimea crossed 362 thousands of citizens and 53 thousand cars. About it reports a press-service of state frontier service of Ukraine on Wednesday, 4 September.

In the direction of the occupied Peninsula followed 172 thousand Ukrainians, and 190 thousand were sent to mainland Ukraine. The press service noted that the fixed guards reducing the number of citizens in 16 of the car 4 600 compared to August 2018.

“The downward trend in passenger traffic in PPC can be traced throughout the current year”, – informs the state border service.

For 8 months of 2019 were issued 1,722 million, which is 22 thousand less than the same period of 2018. 8 100 decreased and the number of the executed transport.

“Despite the fake statements of the occupation media about the mass influx of tourists from mainland Ukraine, we will note that the vast majority of citizens crosses admingranitsu to visit relatives, the solution of household questions, and also for registration of documents controlled by the Ukrainian authorities of the territory, and then returned to reverse the directions”, – noted in state frontier service.

We will remind, last fall in the Crimea, said that in 2018 exceeded the record performance in 2012 the number of tourists. The Peninsula was allegedly visited by about 6.2 million people.

Later in the Crimea, announced the record number of tourists during the Soviet period.

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