Feyenoord Vs Shakhtar 1:2. Online

Фейеноорд - Шахтер 1:2. Онлайн

Feyenoord vs Shakhtar – group stage match of the UEFA Champions League watch online on 17 October at 21:45.

Shakhtar Donetsk in the third round of the group stage of the Champions League will meet with Dutch Feyenoord.

The match will take place at the stadium De Cape in Rotterdam, beginning at 21:45 Kyiv time.

Корреспондент.net will hold an online broadcast of the match.

The Dutch previous two meetings in the Champions League lost Manchester city (0:4) and Napoli (1:3).

Shakhtar also lost to the British in the last round of the group stage with the score 0:2. But Napoli, the miners won in Kharkiv – 2:1.

A text stream

Thank you for being with us! Up to new meetings!

Miner gaining six points, the prospects get out of the group is great!

The most important victory of the miners! Lost during the match, were in the minority, but brought the meeting to win! Great game!

All! The match is over. Miner produces a strong-willed victory! 1:2

90+3 Larsson beats, ricochet – corner. After a corner Pyatov parries the hardest blow of Kramare.

90+1 Dangerous free kick earns Feyenoord. Last chance for Dutch.

Meanwhile, Marlos changes Zubkov.

90. The fall in the penalty area of the miners… but it’s a foul in the attack Feyenoord. Well.

88. Pyatov cope with the blow to the centre of the goal.

87. Tyson did everything himself: passed, defeated, rolled under attack Kovalenko. And that is strike from a few metres just missed it. Who? Why? It is not clear.

86. Tyson beats of Amrabat, he fouls a yellow card.

85. Fred throws Marlos in attack, the Brazilian-born Ukrainian citizenship easily beat the opponent, but on the right gets very bad. Well would beat to the right for Ukrainian citizenship, perhaps, to take would not have.

84. Very simple in attack plays Feyenoord, casts, Yes casts.

83. Fred keeps the ball, giving his team a breather in defence.

82. Yet with all the innings the defenders of the miners cope easily.

79. Feyenoord with the ball but strays into a simple cross into the penalty area, and there is a high Khocholava.

78. Kovalenko fouls yellow cards in the midfield.

76. Instantly reacts Fonseca removal is the only striker Ferreira leaves his substitute Central defender Khocholava. The miner will fight to the end of the match.

75. Rakitskiy fouls, gets a second yellow and leaves the miners in the minority. It will be hard now Shakhtar to win.

72. Pressuring owners who do not want to lose in front of their fans.

70. The scorer Bernard changes Kovalenko.

68. Larsson not someo to dispose of the ball from Pyatov’s goal.

62. Ismaily continues to play on his flank, though his crosses to partners still do not reach. Butko is much more effective once filed and goal.

58. Ferreira scored another, however from an offside.

54. GOOOOOOOOOOAL!!!!!!!!!! Brilliant attack the miner. Marlos rolls Butko, Ukrainian feeds directly into Bernard, who has already in empty gate. 1:2

52. Under pressure hosts, Pyatov reliable in another tackle.

51. Shakhtar gained for the fourth corner, Ordets hits the crossbar.

50. Jorgensen led out to the meeting with Pyatov, but Andrew promptly went out and knocked the ball out of bounds.

48. Yellow card for Rakitskiy. Ahmadi cut Jarsolav.

The second half began

Feyenoord started the game better scoring, but then the miner took the initiative and evened the score. In the second half should be interesting.

The first half ended.

45. According to Bernard Crick was nearly killed. But everything is in order with the Brazilian.

44. Ismaily a free-kick on his flank, but bad razigrani his miners.

42. Tyson hits after rozygrysha corner by Shakhtar Donetsk, Facundo finishes – by.

40. Free-kick earned Feyenoord, but RESIGNAL not very interesting.

35. Ordets intercepts a cross into the penalty area of Shakhtar.

32. A series of small gears of miners near the penalty area caught the Ferreira offside.

31. Fred again bagit transfer to the cut. But Marlos, having received it, to dispose of the ball failed.

27. After the goal, Shakhtar continues to play a more active and dominant. Wilted Feyenoord, subsided rostrum.

24. COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!! Fred is a stunning transfer of cuts the defense of Feyenoord, Bernard goes one-on-one, easily beats the Keeper and roll into an empty net. Beautiful goal scored by the miner to level the scores! 1:1

20. Facundo Ferreira fought his way to the goal – the ball was taken away.

17. The left flank of the Pitmen much more active right.

15. Shakhtar took the ball design attacks under the whistle stands.

12. Ismaily easily passes down his flank, not for the first time, the Brazilian’s shot while nobody closes.

10. Shakhtar need to calm down and play our game.

9. Immediately startled miner, even earned a corner-kick, but to no avail.

7. GOAL! Feyenoord scores, the starting pressure load. Pyatov parried a shot from distance, BERGUES was first on the rebound. 1:0 De Cape is going crazy!

5. First meaningful attack from the visitors. Brazilians combined – punch Tyson fell into a defender of the Dutch.

4. A lot of mistakes from players of the miner in the beginning of the match. Tribune press?

3. Jorgensen beats – by again, but dangerous.

2. Rostrum chase Feyenoord forward. The owners are very active and could have scored!!! Boëtius fell one by one to the target. Lucky Miner.

1. The match has started.

Teams already on the field.

De Cape, as expected, Packed to capacity. The atmosphere is impressive.

Recall, Shakhtar have never beaten the Dutch team.

Today’s game was the 50th for Tyson in the competition. By the way, Brazilian is the captain of the miner.

Bernard has recovered from injury and will start meeting at the start.

Starting lineups:

Feyenord: Jones Amrabat, van Beek, Joost, HAPS El Ahmadi, Toornstra, Vilhena — Berghuis, Jorgensen, Boëtius

Shakhtar: Pyatov — Butko, Ordets, Rakitskiy, Ismaily, Stepanenko, Fred, Marlos, Taison, Bernard Ferreira

Due to injuries will not play in Rotterdam, Defender, and Malyshev and Kryvtsov. Also will miss the game Srna, who is suspected of doping.

At the pre-match press conference the head coach of the Ukrainian Champions, Paulo Fonseca noted that the miner well prepared for the game and waiting for open football.

“As you know, never enough time to prepare for such matches. We had a few days to prepare because of the graphics. But we tried to prepare as best as possible. It will be a difficult match against the champion of the Netherlands. Know the quality of their game, respect the opponent and hope for a good game,” said coach miner.

The miner had previously lost all four matches of the Dutch teams. Fonseca claims that didn’t even know these statistics and not paying attention to her.

Bookies team, Paulo Fonseca, the favorite of the match. Quotes on winning miner of 2.20, to win Feyenoord – 3,20 for a draw is at 3.50.

The match is expected to be sold out, all tickets for the stadium sold out.