FIFA have closed the collapsed rating page on Facebook

ФИФА закрыла рухнувший рейтинг на странице в Facebook

Players Ognjen Vukojevic and domagoj Vida

Administrators page football organization in the social network responded to a flash mob of Ukrainians.

The international football Federation closed on the page in Facebook the opportunity to rate and leave feedback. It happened after Ukrainians for the day have fallen off the page ranking.

Now Facebook-mission FIFA has no rubric and the ability of rating.

ФИФА закрыла рухнувший рейтинг на странице в Facebook



Earlier, the Ukrainians have fallen off the rating official FIFA page on the social network Facebook to one star out of five. During the day, the page received more than 150 thousand negative reviews. Also, post the slogan “Glory to Ukraine!” in different languages.

This reaction was caused by the decision of FIFA to issue a warning to the Croatian defender domagoj Vida, who with Ognjen Vukojević celebrated the victory by recording a video message with the words “Glory to Ukraine!”.


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