FIFA ranking: Ukraine Team remained in 29th place

Рейтинг ФИФА: Сборная Украины осталась на 29 месте

Ukraine – Serbia

The national team of Ukraine in the updated ranking of the national teams from FIFA remained in 29th place. This is the website of the organization.

The leader of the rating was left Argentina. But second place went to Brazil, dropping to third place the Germans. Fourth in the ranking now goes to team Chile. And Belgium and Colombia dropped to 5th and 6th places, respectively.

The FIFA rankings:

1. Argentina (1)
2. Brazil (3)
3. Germany (2)
4. Chile (6)
5. Belgium (4)
6. Columbia (5)
7. France (7)
8. Portugal (8)
9. Uruguay (9)
10. Spain (10)

29. Ukraine (29)

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Recall that in this month the Ukraine national team won the qualifiers for the world Cup in Finland, and then in a friendly match lost by the Serbs.