Fighter APU fined for disclosure of information at the forefront

Бойца ВСУ оштрафовали за разглашение информации на передовой

The military was accused of divulging confidential information

Soldiers in private correspondence said that of the three BMP in working condition is only one, and the one with the broken sight.

The court in the Donetsk region has fined the soldier-the contract employee on 340 UAH for the disclosure of confidential information in private correspondence. This is stated in the court decision.

It is noted that the soldier on the social network Facebook on August 22 of this year he’s been in private correspondence with the woman, during which he said that serving in 58 OMBR and is located in the vicinity of Gorlovka of Donetsk region, namely at the checkpoint, located at a distance of 800 m from the enemy positions.

In this correspondence, the military reported that at the checkpoint there are three BMP from which in the operating state, and the downed sight.

He also noted that the unit has no night vision devices and thermal imagers. In addition, the contractor sent photos from the place of deployment.

According to the court, the military leaked information revealing the location and character of troops in the area of operations of the combined forces, and this information is confidential.

A soldier, as noted in the court’s decision, pleaded guilty. In this regard, the court imposed a fine in the amount of 340 UAH.

Yesterday it was reported that the ex-ATU fighter was fined four million for the broken military equipment.

Earlier it became known that the military Prosecutor’s office opened a case for theft of 171 tons of fuel in Odessa.

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