Fighter LPR Plotnitsky blamed in shelling of Lugansk – media

Боец ЛНР обвинил Плотницкого в обстрелах Луганска - СМИ

Sergey Bondar commanded a reconnaissance platoon in the LC

Sergey Bondar believes that this is needed in order to sow panic in the city.

Fighter of the self-proclaimed Lugansk people’s Republic from Bobruisk, reconnaissance platoon leader in the battalion Zarya Sergei Bondar said in an interview with the Belarusian edition of Radio Liberty about the cases of shelling of Luhansk by militants.

“Just in the eyes of our “green stuff” are two shots from a mortar. I’m with the band was just on, and we began to comb through the “greenery”. Two mortar just come to us. They run, we shoot from all barrels,” – said Bondar.

According to him, literally called the current head LNR Igor Carpenter, who was then defense Minister.

“Asks: where are you now? They say – cover the mortar in “zelenke”. And he orders: leave urgently, urgently to the base. I say, thank you. But we’ll take them! And he yells: that’s an order, come back! We removable. Come to the base, Carpenter is building our squad and starts screaming: hell on me a commander to surrender their weapons! I’m giving the gun the gun… I don’t know what it is, the platoon also did not understand,” added Cooper.

He noted that “already before it was suspected that the mortar – it’s people Carpenter.”

“It should have been to spread panic. Mortars were all former militiamen from Lugansk. They are specially trained mortar business and the city they knew like the back of his hand. Moved to the ambulance, the water truck, on anything. Even my grandmother, we somehow came up and said: they are just about the firehouse roll out the car, firing two mortars and go,” – said the gunman.

After the case of the “green stuff” Cooper moved to “Batman”, which was led by Alexander Bednov (eliminated January 1, 2015 – ed). There he received new evidence that the shelling of Lugansk have the respect of the leaders of the LC.

“Once I took one spotter personally. We picked him up, threw him in the basement, I made a report. In three days I say that people came to Carpenter and took him away – he’s walking, walking in Lugansk. I’m going to Bednow, tell the whole story, but he only waved his hand,” complained Cooper.

As reported Корреспондент.netin mid-November, the OSCE observation mission recorded the largest number of violations of the ceasefire regime in the Donbas in 2014.

It was also the largest in the history of the number of violations with the use of heavy weapons, including rocket launchers.

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