Fighters fire at residential quarters along the demarcation line in the Donbas

Боевики обстреливают жилые кварталы вдоль линии разграничения на Донбассе

Avdiyivka, anti-terrorist operation zone, February 2017

The Ukrainian side of the Joint center for control and coordination (SCCC) States that ORDO militants continue to fire at positions of the Ukrainian Armed forces and the peaceful settlements along the demarcation line, the press center of the ATO.

Remains tense situation in the area of the settlement Avdeyevka. During the day the enemy applied 7 shells of caliber of 125 mm, 6 min of caliber of 120 mm, 8 min caliber 82 mm, RPG and all types of small arms.

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“Today, with up to 14.57 15.15 NVF ORDO was carried out shelling of the residential quarters of the settlement Avdeyevka with the use of tank shells and LNG. Due to such a bombardment destroyed one house and injured one woman who was evacuated to the hospital to provide qualified assistance”, – stated in the message.

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“Such crimes NVF ORDO once again testify to the purposeful actions for the further escalation of the conflict, the reluctance to observe the ceasefire and conscious fulfillment of the Minsk agreements”, – emphasized in the headquarters.

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