Figure skating finals for Hrycenko, the failure of Panita on TH

Фигурное катание: финал для Хныченковой, провал Паниота на ЧЕ

Anna Hrycenko

In Moscow started the championship of Europe on figure skating.

In Moscow started the championship of Europe on figure skating and Ukrainian singles managed to show his short program.

Yaroslav Panic badly in the short program, finishing in 25th place and missed the final of the competition – free program.

Our athlete gained his speech just 60,07 points. Panic made numerous serious mistakes, tearing both jump in four turns – first flip, which he stated in a cascade with a triple toe loop, and then “solo” quadruple toeloop. After two drops Yaroslav made a mistake and during the execution of a triple Axel. Therefore Ukrainian was the lowest in the current season marks for the short program: for his technique, the judges estimated at 31.60 points, components – 30.47.

First place in the short program is Javier Fernandez from Spain (103,82 points), second – Dmitri Aliev of Russia (91,33), the third – Denis Vasilyev from Latvia (85,11).

In women singles Ukrainian Anna Hrycenko took 13-th place. Our wrestler scored in the short program 51,84 points and earned the right to execute an arbitrary program.

Anna presented the program, mostly clean perform all of the claimed elements. There were some slight mistakes, particularly when performing cascade 3T + 3T in the second coat. But with a triple Lutz student Vyacheslav Tkachenko handled it very well. Its performance – 29.07 technical and 22.77 for the components, although not a record, but gave her the opportunity to continue the fight.

Just reached the final 24 athletes from 40 States participating. The initial lead in the short program was Alina Sagitova from Russia – of 80.27 points, unexpectedly beating the unconditional favourite of competition of compatriot Yevgeny Medvedev – 78,57 of the ball.

A scant 0.27 point loses the current European champion Italian Carolina Kostner, who completed his brilliant performance with a record result – 78.30.

Note that also in the tournament are two couples in the competition dance duets – Alexandra Nazarova/Maxim Nikitin and Darya Popova/Vladimir Belikov. They have their short dance show on Friday.

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