Filaret denies his words about the property of the UOC-MP

Филарет отрицает свои слова об имуществе УПЦ МП

The UOC-KP called the media headlines about the statement of the Patriarch is untrue. He Filaret assured that to seize the temples will not.

Patriarch of Kyiv and all Rus-Ukraine Filaret said that after recognition of a unified Ukrainian Orthodox Church, no one is going to seize property of the UOC-MP. He stated after his words that the Moscow Patriarchate has no property in Ukraine.

“No violence after Thomas and the property will belong to communities, as now”, – he stressed.

Filaret stressed that “to seize the Lavra” no one goes is a provocation.

According to him, churches and property owned communities, parafiam, which includes the structure of the Patriarchy. And communities have the right to freely move to another Patriarchate and the property also goes with them.

“We have indeed revealed yourself against violence in the matter of the monastery and those who want to commit violence allegedly in favor of the Ukrainian Church, we denounce and condemn,” said the Patriarch.

He also added that the position of the Church is when more than two-thirds of the community decided at a General meeting, it is necessary to switch from one Patriarchate to another, the property of the society must retain, and the minority has the right to build another Church or to equip the room.

“If you decide a simple majority, two thirds, then it is necessary to carry out the sequential service to have the right to use the temple both parts of the former to one community and majority and minority” – it is noted in the comments of the head of the UOC-KP.

Arhiepiscop UOC-KP yevstratiy Zorya also said that the headlines in the media that “the UOC will take away from the Moscow Patriarchate all the property” false, and such words Filaret could not say.

Earlier Filaret said that after recognition of a unified Ukrainian Orthodox Church of all the churches, which now is in Ukraine, the Moscow Patriarchate, will become the property of the UOC-KP. He noted that the property of the Church in Ukraine is the property of the Ukrainian Church.

In the UOC Filaret’s statements are considered “absurd and ridiculous from a legal point of view.


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