Acting Chairman of the Kherson regional state administration said about the threats from the Russian special services

И.о. председателя Херсонской ОГА заявила об угрозах со стороны российских спецслужб

Deputy Chairman of the Kherson regional state administration Valentyna Sichova, which is now acting as President of RSA, said that Russian intelligence services had threatened her. About the threats Sich said after the meeting in the regional state administration with the second Secretary for political Affairs at the British Embassy in Ukraine Lisa Tamwood, reports “UKRINFORM”.

“An unknown man called me from Germany, and demanded that I met with the Crimean Tatars, so I came out and said that islyamov (prominent Crimean Tatar activist Lenur islyamov) so-and-so”, - she said.

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“He asked me why I communicate in the Ukrainian language. And when I said that I live in Ukraine, he told me that Kherson is a Russian-speaking region. To that I said that I know better. Ended our conversation what he told me: “I think that with such views you need to keep yourself and to keep your loved ones,” said Sich.

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She also said that after this telephone conversation, contacted the office of the SBU in the Kherson region, where she was told that the call was via Skype from Germany.

Sich also said that the call came on her cell phone.

“This man and my room (mobile phone) knew and was quite aware of where I was, what I was doing. And after that phone call on my mobile nothing (about this call) left. Work of the Russian special services”, - believes the first Deputy Chairman yeah.