Financial engineering skills of the future: in Vusiness School Banking University launched a new program mini-MBA

Финансовый инжиниринг – навыки будущего: в Вusiness School Banking University стартует новая программа mini-МВА

Those who choose to quickly and effectively improve their professional skills and obtain new knowledge, can still have time to join a limited number of participants.

On the 9th of June 2017 in Kiev begins training for a new mini-MBA program “Financial engineering” in the Business school of the University of banking.

Educational process for the mini-MBA program “Financial engineering” aims at training financial Directors, heads of financial departments and financial analysts. Intensive its content meets the needs of today’s market and provides the optimal combination of theoretical knowledge and practical skills. The theory is supported by independent work of participants in the program under the guidance of experienced teachers and successful top managers.

“Financial engineering covers the most advanced skills which are necessary and the current Treasurer, and Analytics. Today, the financial sector needs to be a step ahead, because the economic situation is changing very quickly. There is a need for making long-term forecasts, in-depth and more detailed financial planning, use of innovative approaches and investment. This course is an opportunity to get today the knowledge and benefits that will allow you to take a leadership position on the labor market”, – stressed the head of MBA programs at the Business school of the University of banking of Irina Krasovskaya.

The course duration of only 4 months. So, for the new business season of the listener will be ready to apply new knowledge in practice. That’s why every day is a growing demand for a program mini-MBA. In them is concentrated the most relevant courses at an affordable price.

If you decided to spend your summer, combining leisure and education, flexible schedule of the program “Financial engineering” is a great.
Space is limited, the program starts already on 9 June.