Finnair will be to weigh passengers

Finnair будет взвешивать пассажиров

Weighing will take place on a voluntary basis.

Finnair intends to weigh passengers together with their Luggage, to obtain data on the average load of flights. According to Yle, Finnair is going to install at the airport Helsinki-Vantaa electronic scale designed for weighing passengers, which will take place on a voluntary basis.

This fall, Finnair collect preliminary data about how much on average weigh travelers and their Luggage. The average weight in the future intend to use in the computations required for calculating the load and balance of aircraft.

In the first stage, the airline will collect the data of 150 passengers. The company hopes that travelers will take an active part in the campaign for the collection of information. According to representatives of Finnair, the weight will be recorded anonymously, and the numbers on the scales will not see no one except the staff.

The database with recorded gender and age of the passenger, the purpose of his trip and the total weight together with Luggage.

After the previous information is collected, the experts will decide how many weighings we will need to spend additional to get the collected data could be considered statistically correct.

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