Fires in Israel, there are two main fire

Пожары в Израиле: Осталось два основных очага возгорания

Greek fire plane near the village of Nataf, 26 Nov 2016

Despite all the efforts of the Israeli fire and the use of foreign special aircraft, completely extinguish the fire have not yet succeeded. About it reports

In fighting forest fires Israel position 14 firefighting aircraft Air Tractor AT-802 American manufacturing, help Russia, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Croatia, USA, UK, Ukraine, Italy, France, Azerbaijan, Egypt and Jordan. In particular, those involved Russian amphibious aircraft be-200 and American Evergreen supertanker 747 is the biggest aircraft fire in the world and can put out fires day and night.

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According to representatives of fire service of Israel, in the evening there are two main hearth fire in the village of Nataf and near the settlement of Halamish.

Earlier it was reported that in the Israeli city of Haifa because of the massive fire were evacuated residents of 12 neighborhoods. The Ministry of environment then urged residents of Haifa not to leave their homes due to severe pollution. The mayor of Haifa has asked residents not to come to the affected areas and to give the firefighters to do their job.