Fires in the forests of Kherson region caused by arson − the head yeah

Пожары в лесах Херсонщины вызваны поджогами − глава ОГА

In the Kherson region of frequent forest fires

In the Kherson area burned 180 hectares of forest due to forest fires.

The Chairman of the Kherson regional state administration Andrey Gordeev said that the cause of many forest fires in the Kherson region are arson, reports UKRINFORM.

“145 arson fires, as they are called, is 180 hectares of forest already burned down (in region − ed.). We just constantly run between arson that is, we involve the military, we constantly look for the aircraft. Today we had a headquarters that gathered the entire information regarding the nature of these fires, and come to the conclusion that there is categorically there is a human factor. And judging by the nature of arson, and so forth, is a factor of the intention,” − says Gordeev.

According to him, the origin of the arson clearly a direct intent.

“As soon as the wind − we got the fire, the forest is burning. That is, people who professionally know how to fire that it burned. Professionalism arson is alarming,” − said the head of RSA.

He noted that in the current situation in the area will take a number of measures to prevent forest fires. In particular, a ban on visits to forests until the end of the fire season, patrol and surveillance.

Regarding the purpose of the arson Gordeev pointed out several versions, including the defense of the region, as part of forest fire occurred near located in the area of military facilities.

We will remind, on the territory of the Dnieper forest in the Kherson region there was a fire the forest floor separate pockets on an area of about five hectares. And earlier the day extinguished a large forest fire that originated near Chulakivka village of Hola Prystan district and covered an area of about 20 hectares.