First competition and first victory of vodka MARLIN

Первый конкурс и первая победа водки MARLIN

In mid-November, held a prestigious international tasting competition of alcoholic beverages “UKRAINE WINE & SPIRITS AWARDS 2018”, which is vodka MARLIN WHITE CORAL won the Gold medal.

In determining the winners used the method of “blind tasting”. Tasting group consisted of 54 of the best sommelier of Ukraine and Europe. Tasters highlighted the pure classical taste of vodka MARLIN.

Vodka MARLIN is a new product on the Ukrainian market, which has no analogues due to its unique technology of “Sea Breeze”. “Sea Breeze” is an optional loop filter coral sand, which purifies the vodka MARLIN to crystal Shine, giving it a flawless purity and softness on the palate.

“Despite the fact that vodka MARLIN on the market only a month, she is rapidly gaining the attention of consumers, expanding the sales territory and has a chance to press the leaders of the market” – analysts of the company-manufacturer.

Первый конкурс и первая победа водки MARLIN