First created a unique quantum liquid

Впервые создана уникальная квантовая жидкость

Scientists have created a condensate of Bose – Einstein

Scientists have created an anomalous matter, which has a unique quantum properties.

An international group of scientists first managed to create a condensate Bose – Einstein. It is reported

This anomalous matter is a quantum liquid or superfluid solid. The substance is composed of bosons that can be in the same quantum state.

At very low temperatures as in space, bosons exhibit unique quantum effects such as superfluidity. It allows quantum liquid liquid to seep through solid matter without friction. When such liquid forms crystals it is called a superfluid solid.

To create matter when gravity is almost impossible. Therefore, scientists have created a special device that created ultra-low temperature and dumped it in the rocket with a height of 243 kilometers. During the fall there was an effect of weightlessness, allowing the device to conduct 110 experiments.

The astronomers found an anomalous planet, whose age does not match the previously known data about similar objects.

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