First discovered ice giant near the white dwarf

Впервые обнаружен ледяной гигант возле белого карлика

The planet is similar to Neptune and is close to a dying star. She always “melts”, losing tons of weight.

Astronomers first discovered the ice giant, moving around the white dwarf. This writes the Naked Science.

The discovery was made by astronomers from the European southern Observatory. Experts have studied about 7,000 of similar objects, found in the spectrum of one of them is not typical for white dwarfs line.

It turned out that an ice giant similar to Neptune, is close to the white dwarf and is constantly losing volatile compounds. They fill the surrounding space with a cloud of gas, most of which is lost in space. With about 3000 tons of gas every second falls on the surface of a white dwarf.

The planet is 1500 light years from Earth and makes a full revolution around its star in just 10 earth days. Scientists suggest that over time the Sun can also turn into a white dwarf.

Earlier it was reported that it was discovered the mysterious object brighter than a million Suns. Also the Correspondent wrote that found space “killer” with a mass of 40 billion Suns.

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