First referee-transgender debuted in England

Первая рефери-трансгендер дебютировала в Англии

Lucy Clark

Lucy Clark was the match of the women’s teams Queens Park Rangers and Parkwood Rangers.

In English football debuted the referee is transgender and is the first such case in the world.

Sunday, August 19, Lucy Clark played his first match of the women’s teams between Queens Park Rangers and Parkwood Rangers.

Earlier, 46-year-old Lucy was named Nick and raised their three children together with his wife Avril.


The newspaper the Mirror, the woman said that with the change of gender in their family, nothing has changed and a couple optimistic about the future.

— Drafts_2.0 (@drafts_2) August 20, 2018

“By his example, I want to inspire other people to become who we really are. I loved as a child to go to school for the boys, but really wanted to go to school with my sister, where she studied girls only,” said the referee.

Earlier it was reported that a female referee made his debut in the men’s Bundesliga.

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