Firtash’s lawyer demands an explanation from the Ambassador of Ukraine in Austria

Адвокат Фирташа требует объяснений от посла Украины в Австрии

German prosecutors in Schwerin (capital of Mecklenburg – Vorpommern) said the lack of charges against the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Group DF Dmytro Firtash. This is stated in the statement of the lawyer Firtash Dieter Bandiera, transfer “Ukrainian news”.

“The office of the German Prosecutor’s office in Schwerin was officially confirmed in a letter to lawyers Firtash, Firtash is not the accused person in the ongoing investigation of the German consultant Christine V. (Cristina W.),” – said in a statement.

Counsel emphasizes that the mentioned Christine V. was a number of clients in Austria. “We know that Christine V. had a number of other customers in Austria, including OMV (Austrian oil company) and Vienna Insurance Group. Thus, the claim that this investigation is associated with “Firtash case”, or that Firtash or his representatives are under suspicion of corruption in this matter are incorrect, misleading and causes damage to my client”, – said Baudier.

Counsel emphasizes that the information of the German Prosecutor’s office denies the accusations made by the Ambassador of Ukraine in Austria Alexander Szczerba, which were widely circulated in international media.

“Mr. Firtash nothing was charged nor German, nor Austrian authorities,” said Baudier.

The lawyer said that investigations in the Vienna home Firtash irrelevant to the German case in which he is held as a witness and not accused.

The representative of Firtash concerned and disappointed that Ambassador szczerba has decided to publicly comment on the case, to which he was not authorized and which is irrelevant.

The lawyer wrote to the Ambassador a letter in which asked to explain on what basis szczerba made his public comments, which were refuted by the German Prosecutor’s office, and why the Ambassador had violated the fundamental duty of a diplomat is never to make statements to the detriment of its citizens.

“The way your comments via Twitter proves that you had beforehand deliberate intention to give information against Firtash in this case and what you set out to achieve its widespread distribution. Your comments were erroneous, misleading, caused damage to my client and were denied by the office of the German Prosecutor’s office, which confirmed that Firtash is not a defendant in this matter,” reads the letter from lawyer to Ambassador.

The lawyer asks the Ambassador to explain what was the basis of his false claims, why did their Ambassador immediately after the investigative actions in the house Firtash. “Whose instructions did you follow and under whose guidance I acted, when he made public comments immediately after the investigation in the house of my client? Or you acted on your own? In that case, why you violated fundamental norms of diplomacy, which the Ambassador never acts to the detriment of its citizens whose interests are represented abroad?” – asks the lawyer.

Bandier sent a complaint to the Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavel Klimkin on unethical conduct diplomatic representative of Ukraine in Vienna. In the complaint the lawyer asks Klimkin to take action to correct the harm and damage caused by the wrong review and undiplomatic behavior of Ambassador Scherba.