Five interesting facts about language courses in England

Пять интересных фактов о языковых курсах в Англии

United Kingdom – a country of true aristocrats and strict Outlook on life. Learning English language courses in England are in great demand among the students all over the world.

Only language courses in the UK student to immerse your head in a natural language environment and will gain invaluable knowledge. However, the English education language courses different from teaching in other countries? This makes learning English in the UK is so special that every foreign student wants to study in this country? In this article, to prepare which we helped educational Agency PFI, we offer You 5 interesting facts about language courses in England.

Пять интересных фактов о языковых курсах в Англии



Focus on conversational skills

The main difference of language courses in England is full concentration on the development of conversational and communicative skills of the applicant. Qualified curators are planning the learning process in such a way that the theoretical part is occupied 20%, practice 80%. This approach to learning was first used by educational institutions in the UK, previously having found out that intensive discussion and constant language practice and improve the overall academic performance and the performance of the whole course. Owing to this approach, English is absorbed much faster, the vocabulary of the students is enriched by new vocabulary and the student gets rid of all sorts of language barriers.

The study of English language

Few people know, but only in a language course in England, the learner will explore a real “pure” English that is spoken in the Parliament of great Britain without all sorts of impurities or American dialects. Unlike other English-speaking countries, where English can teach other nationalities in the UK – it is the indigenous inhabitants of the country, professors with years of experience, impeccable reputation and invaluable experience. For those wishing to explore all aspects and nuances of the correct pronunciation, sentence structure, history of English, language courses in the UK is the best option.

No age restrictions

English language courses in England do not have age limits. Student of any age has the opportunity to study in the educational center of the country on the same terms as other students. As practice shows, the students of the retirement age in an average of 65-70 years frequent guests, English language courses in England. For these learning centers offer a specialized program involving specially designed teaching methods, so that the learning process takes place easily and naturally, and information is acquired quickly and is clear.

A combination of traditional and innovative methods of learning languages

Language courses in England – a Union of ancient traditions and strict conservative teaching methods with innovative technology and progressive views. The Brits really appreciate the tradition and technique of learning, in which successful students from all over the world for many generations. However, with the adoption of modern educational innovations and respect for the views of younger professionals, teaching in England is constantly evolving.

Learning English language courses in the UK provides a special teaching method that involves a rich learning process in the format of interactive games, discussion, and vigorous debate. Since 80% of the time on the lessons the students focus on practice, namely, the development of speaking skills of British teachers has developed a special training program through which the information is absorbed easily and is very accessible.

Prepared in cooperation with the educational Agency PFI